The Great Gonzo

Harlan's Holiday - Be a Prospector, by Mr. Prospector

Bay Gelding, 2009

Record: 25-3-3-4  |  Earnings: $54,706

The Great Gonzo came to us after a career-ending injury that very well could have also ended his life.  With a completely displaced condylar fracture and displaced sesamoid fracture in his right hind, Gonzo underwent surgery in May of 2014 and now resides at Longview Farm in central Alabama.   While Gonzo has retired from an active race life, he has a new career as the "tour guide" of the gelding turnout pasture. When new horses arrive, they are paired up with Gonzo, who introduces them to the fence lines, waterholes and best grazing spots in the 80 acre pasture that becomes their nighttime turnout. He is friendly without being too bossy, and every horse has taken a shine to him. He has a few days of solo turnout with each one, and then he introduces them to the other dozen or so geldings that go out each night. Most importantly, he teaches each one to come back to the barn door each morning to get breakfast. He seems truly happy as the resident "know-it-all" and has gotten even the most grumpy geldings to participate in the social life of the herd.  Gonzo is a well-loved farm favorite at Longview.